• David Hinojosa

Our Mission Statement

Here at H-Town Donuts our mission is simple: To bring people together with great tasting donuts while giving back to the great community that supports us. With our name being H-Town Donuts we feel it is only right to hold it down for our community, everyday. We will accomplish our mission through sales of special "H-Town Donuts".

How it works: Everyday we will make special "H-Town Donuts", donuts shaped in the letter H. Sales of these donuts will have part of the proceeds go right back to a local charity. The donut will sell for $1.50 with .50 cents going back to a charity of the customer's choosing. When a customer purchases an "H-Town Donut" they will receive a special poker chip that represents the donation back to charity. They can then go over to our charity wall and drop the chip in the charity box that they choose. As of the launch of our program (08/24/2019) we have two charities on board, CAM (Cypress Assistant Ministries) and Small Steps Nurturing Center, .

These are our first charities on board and we are hoping to gain more! The ONLY condition to being in our community program is that you must be a local Houston charity.

The donations may not be big but over time and with the power of numbers we can become Houston Strong and make a difference!


10130 Grant Rd

Houston, Tx 77070


Mon - Sat: 5am - 1pm

​​Sun: 6am - 1pm