H-Town Donut Rain Tokens

H-Town Donut Rain Tokens


Since the times of the native American ancestors making it rain has been seen as a blessing upon the lands and the people.  These days, making it rain is still a blessing, financially, in the form of green paper falling from the sky.  Now H-town Donuts presents... DONUT RAIN

Through the innovative Ravencoin blockchain and the use of tokenization you now have a way to "Make it Rain" Donuts!  H-Town Donut Rain Tokens can be purchased by anyone, anywhere, globally with Ravencoin.  Free of the constraints and hurdles of international fiat currency limitations.  After obtaining the tokens if the purchaser wishes they can redeem the token by sending back to H-Town Donuts and telling us where and when they wish to make it rain.  Each token is worth 10 dozen Glazed donuts of rain.

Disclaimer - I will not actually make it rain and throw donuts from the sky at people LOL ... these will be made fresh, boxed and delivered to bring smiles and be enjoyed by whoever the purchaser wishes it to be, suspecting or unsuspecting. 

Some ideas of places to make it rain could be children's centers, charity events, hospitals, veterans hospitals, senior homes, or anywhere you can think of in the Houston area that will help bring smiles and happiness.

Have you ever wanted to make it rain???



David M Hinojosa

You can purchase these tokens from the Products page here on the site!

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